Early Bird offers both float and walk/wade fishing trips on rivers and streams in the greater Bozeman area. Boat (float) trips are by far the most popular option, and for good reason —


The modern drift boat is an excellent platform from which to experience the river and learn - you are close to the guide and your fishing partner (should you have one) and are able to cover a huge amount of water over the course of a day. Also, because you will be moving with the water, casting and line management are relatively easy. As an added bonus, the scenery will be ever-changing.


As fun as float fishing is, it’s not for everyone and does have some drawbacks. If time is tight, wading is a good option as the logistics are less involved. Also, for those who wade fish on their own and want to improve, there really is no substitute for re-creating that experience with the aid of a guide. While casting and line management are more difficult while wading, if those are the skills you’re keen to develop, then it can be a good option.

All trips will begin with an orientation suited to your experience level. You'll become acquainted with the area, the boat, the fishing equipment, etc. 


Please see 'FAQs' for more info and don't ever hesitate to ask questions


RATES —   


full-day float trip, greater Bozeman area (1 or 2 people) - $550 

full-day float trip, Missouri (1 or 2 people) - $600, must book at least two consecutive days


short day float trip, (1 or 2 people) - $475 


No three-person single boat option - not safe. Three-person trips will require an additional guide.


full-day walk/wade, 1 person - $400 

    up to two additional people - $125/person


1/2 day walk/wade, 1 person - $300

    up to two additional people - $75/person



Trip reservations made more than two weeks in advance will be confirmed by email upon receipt of a 50% deposit. For these advanced bookings, full refunds will only be issued if the request for cancellation is made 30 or more days prior to trip date. Any trips booked within 14 days of trip date will require full payment at the time of booking. Trips will not be refunded due to inclement weather. If dates need to be rearranged due to unusual circumstances, we will try to work something out, but there are no guarantees.